• Someday your story will be part of someone else's survival guide.

    Join us for a free trauma-informed storytelling workshop

    April 12 6-7 EST
  • Your host, and ally:

    A survivor creating change in social justice

    Sara Mishina Kunz

    Survivor + Founder of The Survivor Stories Project

    Sara is an internally known and award-winning performing artist turned advocate and nonprofit founder. Using her experience as a rape survivor she speaks on assault prevention and works with survivors to provide resources, tools, and community leadership/

  • What to expect

    How to tell your story in a way that is safe for yourself and others.

    Workshop Brief

    Time, tools, + expectations

    • Cost: free, donations accepted but never expected
    • Time+ date: 4/12/21, 6-730pm EST. 
    • Format: 60 minutes webinar-style with 30 minutes at the end to share, write, and chat.
    • Requirements: writing tool of your choice and an open mind.
    • Safety/anonymity: We do not share your information with anyone, and you are able to participate anonymously if wanted.

    The writing process

    From an award winning storyteller

    Learn how to get into the writing groove, understand what makes a good story, and how to move past writers block.

    The trauma-informed lens

    Understanding safety and support

    With our stories in hand, how do we make them safe for others? For ourselves? We'll go over tools, tips, and tricks to take your story from some words to something empowering

    A Community of Survivors

    Connecting through experience and resilience

    One of the best ways to heal is through connecting with others. It's so easy to feel isolated as survivors, and when we show up for one another there is a power that moves mountains.

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