• Self-Love

    Love and care begin with the self

    1:Intro to Self Love

    Recently, self-love has become associated with spa days, escaping to paradise, and leaning into our desires. But, self-love is so much simpler than that

    2: Misconceptions + Roadblocks

    Now that we’re on the same page about what self-love is and you’ve defined your personal meaning, let’s be clear about what self-love isn’t.

    3: Self-Awareness

    Tuning in to your personal awareness is the first step in better knowing and caring for yourself.


    4: Self-Exploration

    Self-exploration is the courage to learn about yourself to improve the knowledge of who you are.


    5: Self Care

    Self-care helps stress prevention, coping, and personal growth. It's a holistic process we all need.


    6: Building a Wellness Plan

    Every person's experience is unique, and so are the activities and things that help you feel loved.


    7: Recognizing Unhelpful Inner Dialogue

    Unhelpful or critical inner dialogue is normal and can feel like a heavy backpack on your journey. Recognizing these thoughts helps build awareness and...

    8: Countering Unhelpful Thoughts

    Once you can recognize your negative thought patterns you can overcome them using these tools, prompts, and reminders.


    9: Practicing Self-Forgiveness

    Self-forgiveness can be one of the biggest hurdles for survivors to jump, but you’ve come a long way in your self-love and healing journey.


    10: Reflecting on Self-Love

    Use this session to proudly review your self love-journey, or to check in with yourself as needed.


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