• Giving sexual assault survivors evidence-based tools to heal

    mindfulness, CBT, and more - all free of charge

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  • The Survivor Stories Project Solution

    Heal Survivors + Enable Institutions + Break the Silence

    Social change on every level

    Individual + Institutional + Social

    • First, we support survivors using evidence-based coping mechanisms to get their life back and guide them in the task of reporting if they choose to do so

    • Next, we empower institutions by proving awareness tools and prevention programming.

    • Finally, we break the silence with style and grace through live events and our online community of resilience and support.

    See the case study for the UX/UI for the app here.

    The social problem

    Assault Frequency + Institutional Response + Mental Health

    The US spends $127billion+/year on rape, making is the most expensive yet least reported crime in the entire country, and it's happening every 73 seconds.


    Institutions are uninformed and lack effective resources, individuals are silenced, and left with serious mental health issues like PTSD, substance abuse, 33% have suicidal thoughts, and 13% attempt suicide.