• Uplifting Title IX Programming

    to empower students and prevent campus assault

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    More than a lecture

    ​A survivor and award winning presenter at your service

    Sara is a rape survivor, advocate, and award-winning presenter with a background in comedy. She will touch your heart as she speaks from experience, stimulate your mind as she drives solutions to the prevalence of sexual assault, and help you laugh through tense moments in an otherwise difficult conversation.

    Prevent, Educate, Empower

    You get more than tools, you get action

    To stop campus violence from happening, students need to be comfortable with consent communication. Sara enables students to build and practice dialogue around prevention, prepares them for best practices for when assault does happen, and provides a community of support so students stay engaged, educated, and empowered long after the event finishes.

    Ensure mental health support

    Deliver real support for students that goes beyond words

    College students have some of the highest sexual assault and anxiety rates of any demographic. When you opt-in to our self-care kit you give them physical tools and support to cope with challenges, all while showing your institution goes the extra mile to support its students.

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