‘I don’t know what I feel, I just know it’s not great. I can’t tell you how many times I felt that way in my journey, and I want you to know it's OK to feel unsure, lost, and just ‘meh idk’. Like all things, this too shall pass.

One of the most effective ways to reconnect to ourselves, feelings, bodies, and a sense of peace is through reconnecting with our physical space. This support is made specifically to be gentle, nourishing, and help you move from a place of frozen and uncertain to centered and still.

Journal Prompt

You can do this journaling prompt in addition to or instead of the guided audio, try both for deeper support.

  1. Often when we don't know how we feel because we’re feeling multiple things or something that we would rather not deal with. If that resonates with you, free write about that for five minutes.
  2. Choose one tiny thing you are sure of and write about it for as long as you like. It could be about the color of the sky, a memory from your past, maybe even a desire you feel sure of. The idea is to reconnect you to a sense of knowing, so choose whatever feels easy and true to you.

In addition to the video and prompt here, I recommend grounding in gratitude, the self-love toolkit, or visiting the grounding and breathing toolkit. You can also email me specific requests, and subscribe to my mailing list below to get notified when I release new content made just for you.

Remember, I made each video and toolkit for you based on my own experience as a survivor and integrated evidence-based coping tools, prompts, and exercises to further support you in your unique journey.

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