I’m here for you.  I want you to feel safe, loved, and supported. If you feel you are in danger right now please call 911.  I you prefer to talk to someone trained in SA support call the RAINN hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or the DV hotline at 800-799-7233.  Keep in mind being unsure if you're safe is a valid reason to make that call.

Feeling unsafe is one of the most common and challenging experiences we encounter after a difficult experience. Often, we beat ourselves up for feeling this way too, which only makes the initial feelings harder to deal with. Whether you’re feeling this way because of a trigger, because of a relationship, or for some reason, you can’t yet define- your feelings are valid. 

You are not crazy, you are not weak, you are having a very reasonable stress response.

Even when our brains are calm, our bodies can be in flight or fight mode. When our bodies are calm, our minds can be racing, scared, on edge. Oh gosh, sometimes life is hard!  For now, I invite you to join me in the video below to reconnect to a feeling of safety and peace.

Journal Prompt

You can do this journaling prompt in addition to or instead of the guided audio, try both for deeper support.

  1. Remember that song ‘a few of my favorite things’ from the sound of music? While you don’t need to sing (though you certainly can!), write down some of your favorite things big and small.
  2. Spend some extra time on things that bring a sense of ‘cozy’, ‘sweet’, and ‘cared for’. Then choose one thing you can do for yourself today, even if it’s a simple gesture of hugging yourself.

In addition to the video and prompt here, I recommend trying these other videos I made for you: 5-4-3-2-1, visiting the grounding and breathing toolkit. I also encourage you to look at the resources in your area if you’d like some in-person support.

You can always email me specific requests, and subscribe to my mailing list below to get notified when I release new content made just for you.

Remember, I made each video and toolkit for you based on my own experience as a survivor and integrated evidence-based coping tools, prompts, and exercises to further support you in your unique journey. I'm here for you!

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