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Once you bring your pain to the light, it begins to dissolve.

The idea for this company was born because of the deep impact one persons story had on me years ago.  I was alone, depressed, dealing with PTSD and wondering if I would ever be able to enjoy sex again.  Then I found it- one small blog post about sex after rape written by someone who had been through it.  Did it fix everything?  No, but it helped me feel like I wasn't crazy, and that was exactly what I needed in that moment.

Your story matters, and could change someones life for the better.  Sharing your story can also change your life for the better.

If you'd like to share your story, art, or anything related to your experience (anonymously or named), I'd love to honor it with a place to be seen and appreciated by people who can relate to the experience.  

To submit a story, peice of art, or whatever you want email it to me at sara(at)  

From there I will give it a look and send back any notes or edit suggestions I have.  Most suggestions will be around formatting or grammar as I want to let your words shine through.  As soon as we're in agreement I'll publish the story here under a name of your choosing.


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