'I can’t even.’ ‘I don’t even know where to start.’ ‘Ahhhh!’ 

These are just a few of the normal things we think and feel when everything is just too much. Often we can’t even know why we're so overwhelmed and then that too becomes overwhelming, sheesh! If you’re relating to that at all, you’re in the right place to take a moment, give yourself the space to release and reset.

When everything is too much, one of the most helpful tools is to reset by connecting to the body and breath. If you’re feeling rapid breathing or discomfort in your body right now know you’re okay and this moment will pass. Wherever you’re at, let’s dive into this quick calming session to soothe overwhelm.

Journal Prompt

You can do this journaling prompt in addition to or instead of the guided audio, try both for deeper support.

  1. Make a list of everything on your mind right now. Big, small, future, past, imagined, let it rip! You can even set a 2-minute timer as a buffer to stop yourself from spiraling.
  2. Looking at your list, cross of everything that is not happening right now. Cross off anything that is out of your control. 
  3. Pick one thing on the list, and choose the smallest possible action you can take-we’re aiming for small achievable tasks that will give you a small win to build on. For example, I may choose ‘I am so out of shape’ and decide ‘I’m going to go for a five-minute walk right now. Now go do it! Seriously, action relieves anxiety.

In addition to the video and prompt here, I recommend Loving acceptance, soothing balloon, and 4-2-6 breathing, or visiting the grounding and breathing toolkit. You can also email me specific requests, and subscribe to my mailing list below to get notified when I release new content made just for you.

If being overwhelmed is a common experience you’d like more support with, I recommend the Considering Therapy toolkit. I created these based on my own experience as a survivor and integrated evidence-based coping tools, prompts, and exercises to further support you in your unique journey. I'm here for you!

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