Do you feel like you’re operating on auto-pilot, or maybe like you’re watching life happen from behind a sound-proof glass pane? There are so many different ways feeling disconnected shows up, it can be feeling lonely, aloof, ‘cold’, and so many other things. Whatever brings you here right now, I want to remind you you’re not alone. I’m here for you.

I highly recommend you listen to this video even if you normally only do the journaling prompts. I’m here to support you and offer you some warmth and connection.

Journal Prompt

You can do this journaling prompt in addition to the guided audio.

  1. I need more______. If this is hard to fill in try getting more specific like "To feel healthy I need more _____"
  2. That’s it! Let your pen/keyboard do the rest. You can expand on this by noting how you know you need this thing/experience and what happens when you do and do not have it.

If feeling disconnected is a common experience for you, I highly recommend going through the self-love toolkit (after all, the connection begins with ourselves). It’s something I created based on my own experience as a survivor and I integrated evidence-based coping tools, prompts, and exercises to further support you in your unique journey 

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