Is it just me or is everything the worst sometimes? People are dumb, the world is full of problems, and sometimes I just want to turn into a cartoon villain and destroy the world! If you’re relating to this, welcome to anger. 

It’s a very common response to pain, challenges, and past situations that have hurt or treated you unfairly. Rage may be hard to sit with, but it’s an extremely potent emotion that can help you tap into your inner needs.

In her book, The Dance of Anger Harriet Lerner says “Anger is a tool for change when it challenges us to become more of an expert on the self and less of an expert on others.” I encourage you to use this time today as an opportunity to embrace your needs and feelings.

Journal Prompt 

You can do this journaling prompt in addition to or instead of the guided audio, try both for deeper support.

1)Write out a conversation between you and your anger. Ask it why it’s there and what it needs to feel better

2) if other emotions like fear or pain come up, let them speak freely too.

In addition to the video and prompt here, I recommend trying these other videos I made for you: progressive relaxation technique, soothing ballon, or visiting the grounding and breathing toolkit. You can also email me specific requests, and subscribe to my mailing list below to get notified when I release new content made just for you.

Remember, I made each video and toolkit for you based on my own experience as a survivor and integrated evidence-based coping tools, prompts, and exercises to further support you in your unique journey. I'm here for you!

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