A winning pitch (video)

aka, what I did with 2020

Since moving to New England in 2016 and experiencing Fall colors for the first time, I've had an affinity to the wonderful change that comes as my year slows down. For the last 6 years, Fall has meant my tour season with The Flyin' Hawaiian Show slowing down, inevitably making room for my other passions in life to come forward.

The last 3 years, those other passions have come out as unpaid side-hustles on projects for the Survivor Stories project, a startup competition, a story telling competition, writing a comedy play about mental health (technically that was procrastinated till Spring, but the procrastination started in Fall!). Each one was a fun little adventure in risk, courage, and attempts to make the world around me more tolerant and supporting for survivors.

This year, for obvious reasons my performance tour never happened. So by the time Fall came, not only did I have tons of pent up energy from not performing, but I had months of work on Survivor Stories to share like screens and more refined business plans.

These three minutes are the result of my free time in 2020.


*note- since this was filmed our social tags have changed to @the.survivorstories.project on both IG and FB!

I'd like to thank the folks over at Innovation Studios in Roxbury, MA for selecting my application and supporting me in the process of pitching!

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