8. Countering Unhelpful Thoughts

Self-awareness and acceptance is are key elements of noticing and rerouting unhelpful thoughts. If you’ve been following these self-love guides in order, you have already put in a lot of practice! The work you did in recognizing your unhelpful patterns without judgment or criticism has set you up perfectly to counter unhelpful thought patterns.

Journal Prompt

Bring to mind one unhelpful thought and write it down. Notice how it makes you feel when you see those words. Write down that feeling. Next, write one or more counterexamples to that thought. 

You can do this with as many thoughts as you like in your journal (three is plenty for today). The more you practice countering these unhelpful thoughts, the more resilient you will become against them the next time one invades your mind. You got this!

Countering Unhelpful Thoughts Summary

If you’re still having negative or unhelpful thought patterns, that’s OK, remember this is a journey. By showing up with honesty about the thoughts you have and practicing countering and redirecting them you’re making huge strides in self-care, awareness, and love. It’s normal to still feel bad about yourself sometimes or feel you ‘should’ be better at this by now. That’s where self-forgiveness comes in and you’ll learn all about it in the next session.

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