6. Your Therapy and Search Timeline

You’ve come a long way defining your needs and beginning your therapist search.

Before we close this section there are a few parting words 

  • tips
  • reach out to at least 5 therapists you’re interested in. and dont be discouraged if they are not taking new clients.
  • The first person you meet may not feel like ’the one’, so know you can always return to the search, and keep in mind that it usually takes af ew sessions to get a good sense of flow and connection between you and the therapist
  • Know that you might not find the therapist of your dreams who meets every gins on of your criteria.  if youre having a hard time, choose a few specific needs (like sexual trauma specialty, and someone who is a LGBTQ ally) instead of tying to get someone who will check off eery single box
  • Sometimes people will se one therapist for a while and want to start seeing a new one, thats totally OK.  Its completely OK for your el tell your current therapist that you might want to seek a new praciticoner- most therapists will stay with you until you find the right person.

Finally, A good therapist can be with you for a lifetime and provide a space and support that is truly unlike any other relationship.  Remember that like all good things, finding the right therapist might take some time. and nee youre in therapy, its about the journey, not the destination.

Congratulations on finsihgin this section.  Our next and final chapter ahs a few resources to help you find a therapist, feel supported in yoru search and talk to others who are looking, and read some stories of people who have been here in their journey too.

Until next time, sthis is sara sending you self care, and support. 

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