6 Building a Wellness Plan

Today we are going to be working on building your wellness and care plan. You already started this in our last exercise and now we can go deeper into building out a wellness plan for you. This session's journal prompt and audio guide go hand in hand so feel free to do both simultaneously.

Journal Prompt

What are your current wellness activities? Daily? Weekly? Per season? Annually?  

Looking ahead, is there anything that is no longer serving your wellness?

Is there anything you’re lacking in your self-care and wellness practice?

What is your ideal wellness activity schedule? Keep in mind a week of small steps is often more effective and doable than a giant step once a month.

If you can only do ONE thing a day to care for yourself, what would it be?

 Building a Wellness Plan Summary

This session is a series of journaling prompts that flow along with the audio guide. A critical component of self-care is the ability to recognize the gaps in our wellness. Following these prompts and writing out your current actions and plans will help build your wellness plan. It takes courage and exploration to improve our self-knowledge and therefore our self-care.

Feel free to add a journal entry after your new wellness plan examining any pessimistic thoughts that came up today.

Our next session will be on recognizing unhelpful inner dialogue to help you push through those inner gremlins.

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