5. Self-Care

Self-care is a holistic process that encompasses a wide variety of tasks and has three main uses: prevention, coping, and personal growth. Today you can start to define your specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. You must give yourself the trust and space to reflect on and determine your own wellness needs.

Journaling Prompt

Did any of these effects from lacking self-care feel familiar to you? Without judgment, write down any emotions or experiences that come to mind when you think about lacking a self-care practice.

Now, imagine yourself as a plant, the sun is the internal and external stressors your experience, and water is the actions that help you bloom. 

Write down things that make you feel wilted. Then write 3 self-care actions that help you bloom and why they feel good. If it helps you can use these sentence starters:

When I do these actions I feel….

When I don't take these actions for an extended time I notice…

Self-Care Summary

When we lack self-care we neglect ourselves and our most vital needs. We lose the ability to care for ourselves and others as well. Neglecting your self-care results in effects such as increased anxiety, anger, fatigue, anger, moodiness, and sensitivity. You may notice a decrease in sleep and physical well-being, relationship satisfaction, sex drive, self-esteem, and compassion for yourself and others. The longer you are exposed to any sort of stress without proper self-care, the greater your risk for mental and physical side effects.

Think of self-care like vitamins you take so you’re less likely to catch a cold, but these vitamins support both your brain and your body. Self-care aids in developing compassion, resilience, and awareness as you continue your journey of healing and self-love. 

In the next exercise, we will go into building your wellness and self-care plan in more detail. 

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