5. Finding and Contacting Your Therapist

Nowadays there are two standard ways to find the right therapist for you: on a web search or through a referral.  ‘On the web can mean using  search engine or site like psychology today, or even downloading an mobile app to do therapy virtually’,  When looking for rereads we recommend contacting a local center that specializes ins hat our seeking help for (like crisis centers, etc),, as well as groups that might address your specific cultural needs.  See our resources list here for different referral sites like “Black mental health alliance” “Therapy for latinX”, and there are many queer specific organizations that will give your referrals.

Choosing to get w referral from a space or person can be an incredibly affirming experience that not only validates your experience, but helps you connect with others and feel less alone in yoru journey.   

Theres no reason o only choose one, the more places you feel comfortable searching for a therapist the more likely you re to find someone who amtches your needs.

Whether you use an online directrory or get a referral from a  friend or organization, use your ’therapy needs’ sheet to

communicate what you’re looking for. to review this will include what challenges you re seeking support for, the professional and personal background of your ideal therapist, and it might even include certain therapy approaches that resonate with you.

Either way, it helps to have a prepared script or email template to use, and there are a few tips that can make your search easy and successful.

In this chapter Im going to help you write your quick and easy template so that the you do find someone  promising, it will only take a moment to tell them what youre looking for and how you’d like to move forward.  

Use the template here by filling in the blanks and feel free to add a line or two of yoru own.  Keep in mind therapists can be busy people so try to keep your script hshort- no more than 1-2 paragraphs.t- you'll have plenty of time to get to know them. and share your story in a great environment soon!

Hi ___

My name is ____ and I’m considering therapy for (insert challenges seeking support for). Ia also (insert motivation here) I like that you (insert personal background preference here), and (insert specialty here).  Its important to em that my therapist understands (insert identity -ethnicity, sexuality, religion, career, lifestyle  etc), and it looks like you are a good fir there.  My insurance is (insert here).

I do have some reservations around therapy like (insert fear here), so i’d like to hear how you’ve helped people in my situation in the past.

I’d like to see if we’re a good fit by setting up a phone call or intro session.  Please reach me  at (insert preferred contact method here) to set up a time.  Are you taking new clients?

All the best,

(your name)

alert- real you did it! Take a moment to reflect on what yo’ve done so far: affirmed yoru needs and desires, advocated for yourself, and practiced communicating your boundaries, needs, and desires.  go you!

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