4. Self Exploration

In the previous session, we used three mindfulness tools to build self-awareness by experiencing feelings at the moment and making non-judgmental observations. This session will focus on self-exploration as a way to dig deeper into the past to understand where we are now and where we want to go in the future.

Journaling Prompt

Pick one of the five styles below and do whichever speaks to you:

  1. Open-Ended - Just show up and write! This is great for enhanced exploration.
  2. Release (aka stream of consciousness) - Write out all thoughts and feelings that come up at the moment. This helps reset and release.
  3. Review - List out what happened today and how you were feeling. This is great for reflecting on the day or specific events and helps track particular events or topics.
  4. Plan - Brainstorm ideas and methods that can support your aspirations, goals, and desires. This works well with the review journal.
  5. Gratitude - Write freely about what you're grateful for. Allow yourself to go into detail. This kind of entry can be a list, free form, or any style that focuses on the things you're grateful to have achieved or have (people, things, experiences) in your life.

Self Exploration Summary

Self-exploration is the courage to learn about yourself to improve the knowledge of who you are. Without the practice of self-awareness, it's easy to miss out on crucial components of who you are, what makes you feel safe and happy, as well as what triggers and upsets you. 

Self-exploration is the fuel that keeps the self-love car running. It might feel scary at times to explore the self when there is a history of trauma. If that feels relatable to you, remember that one of the safest places to be is with your true self in the present moment. Continuing this practice will allow you to care for and love yourself in a profound and supportive way.

While there are many ways to explore yourself, we will focus on journaling here at SARA. Journaling is a great way to nonjudgmentally reflect on thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and help cultivate a self-loving escape.

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