4. Defining Your Motivations and Fears Around Therapy

Okay, lets Take a moment to reflect on what yo’ve done so far: you took the first step in exploring therapy which is in and of itself a tremendous at of self care, courage, and strength.  Then you affirmed your experience by stating your motivation and defining the type of person you want to work with.  You even might have decided to get specific around our cultural and personal needs.  It might not seem like much, but the act of stating these needs and desires is a great affirmation of who you are and worthy of a pat on the back!

it’s common to get this far and freeze up the you consider reaching out to potential therapists.  Thats why in the next chapter you’ll be guided through creating yoru own template to use in emails and phone calls- that way you have everything you need to say in one palce.  

But before we get there, in this chapter you can create space and support for any feelings that might be coming up like excitement, anxiety, or even detachment.

It’s normal to be a little nervous about seeking therapy, but being nervous is something you can handle- especially once you identity your fears.  in fact most therapists are used to hearing huge range of reasons people fear coming in, and expressing a anxiety or two can actually help you connect with them before you even meet.

.  in the space below write down some of the things your nervous about.

next use this space to remind yourself of yoru motivations for seeking therapy

finally, insert a hope you have for therapy- feel free to use a reason from the first chapter. 

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