3. Self Awareness

"We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are."

This self-love session will help you build a mindfulness practice so you can develop greater self-awareness to understand and care for yourself.

Journaling Prompt

Use these sentence starters to delve into what you know about yourself. Use bullet points to tap into your initial reactions and write. State only what you know and release any judgments.

I am...

I have...

I love...

My strengths...

My pet peeves...

I aspire to...

Self Awareness Summary

Building self-awareness through mindfulness practices can have many benefits: increased memory, sense of self, empathy, decision making as well as a reduction in worries, stress, and perception of chronic pain.

This session features three classic awareness tools:

Focusing on breath

Body scanning

Watching Clouds

You can come back to these tools over and over again. Always remember to focus on your experience at the moment to make non-judgmental observations. Thoughts and feelings that come up during your practice are all part of the experience. It's ok to feel what you feel.

These seem simple, but like regular exercise, they help strengthen your ability to be aware of yourself. This is a process, not a destination, so remember to be patient with yourself and simply observe and appreciate your journey.

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