2. Misconceptions and Roadblocks to Self Love

Now that we’re on the same page about what self love is and you’ve defined your personal meaning, let’s be clear about what self love isn’t.

Self love isn’t entitlement, selfishness, sinful, or an excuse.  Let's dig-in to your roadblocks and misconceptions so you can break that sh*t down.

Journaling Prompt

Some of your judgments, or misconceptions and roadblocks probably came to mind while you listened to this session. Take a moment to write down any you remember.

Now, consider what might help you on your self-love path -- perhaps a friend, dedicated time once a week to reflect, a nice pen and notebook, whatever feels supportive to you at this moment. Write it all down as a list of things that will support your journey.

Misconceptions and Roadblocks to Self Love Summary

Self love is a practice that requires us to look at and care for ourselves, but the benefits of self love go beyond ourselves,  positively impacting the people we care about.  Its just like the oxygen mask in the airplane- when we care for ourselves first we can care for others.


Common obstacles include abuse, comparing yourself to others, mental illness, immediate or threatening anger, and anything that upsets your sense of physical, emotional, or mental safety.


Self-love is related to the upper levels of Self-Actualization and Esteem in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Upper-level needs are supported by a sense of Love and Belonging which is supported by Safety needs which, in turn, is supported by Physiological Needs. This means if you’re having a hard time getting food on the table, in a situation where your safety feels threatened, or have to care for a loved one, you may need to pause the self-love practice to focus on your more foundational needs.

Remember this is a journey, so you can always pause and come back.

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