2. Defining Your "Why?"

Some people can’t wait to start therapy while others hate the idea of talking to a stranger, but rest assure wherever you are on this spectrum, you always ave complete control over your therapy experience.

WE’re gong to start by defining your motivations for therapy.  you might have specific goals, hopes, or ideas- all of them can be safely held here.  You might have fears and questions to, we’ll get to that later and make sure you have a plan to move forward.

Click all the reasons that resonate with you for seeking therapy, and feel free to add your own!  These will be saved and go into your ‘considering therapy’ document.

Keep in mind these are all situ suggestions and starting points, and there is noe ‘wrong;  motivation for considering therapy.

  • help me move forward
  • help me dal with my moods and emotions
  • have someone objective to talk to
  • help me feel safe
  • help me build resilience
  • improve my mood
  • lower my anxiety
  • improve quality of life
  • improve relationships
  • improve focus
  • gain confidence
  • speak with an expert about ym expereince
  • help me understand my experience
  • learn coping skills
  • help me process my emotions and moods
  • deal with concerns i ahve
  • feel proud of myself for fighting to get better
  • loved ones would be proud of me
  • its worth a shot if it might help
  • get more support
  • help me stop avoinding things that have become triggering or dificult
  • its helped others so it might help me too
  • improve areas of my life where live felt stuck
  • learn about why i feel this way and what i can do about it
  • stress relief
  • feel stronger and more capable on my own

Great work! Remember you can always come and change this later.  Now you’re ready to define who you want to work with.

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