1. Intro to Self Love

Welcome to the first  of ten sessions of self-love.  The sessions build in order, but feel free to jump around if something catches your eye. This space is for you!

Each session follows the same format: an audio guide followed by a journaling prompt you can use to reflect on what you just heard, and a short description of the session. Written reflection is one of the best ways to absorb the material, so be sure to allow yourself to journal after each session. 

The upcoming sessions will go through tried and tested methods that will help you develop your unique self-love practice so that you can better recognize your worth, be kinder to yourself, and foster growth throughout your life.

Journaling Prompt:

 Use the self-love check-in below to get a snapshot of where you're at right now.  When youre done I invite you to take a moment to define what self-love is to you in writing or internally. 

Session 1: Intro to Self Love Description

Self-love is the practice of prioritizing yourself regardless of the voices or opinions of others and the chaos of everyday life. In the wise words of Lizzo: “Need to kick off your shoes, got to take a deep breath, time to focus on you.”

As survivors, it’s so easy to feel bad about ourselves, our experiences, our judgments, and our bodies, in fact, many survivors report having a hard time trusting their decision-making. If you relate to that, first know that’s a pretty normal feeling to have and it doesn’t mean you’re doomed and will never be able to truly love yourself. Next, realize that self-love is not a mountain to conquer, but an ongoing practice that will have its moments of empowerment and validation as well as challenges.

With a strong self of self-love, you might notice benefits in your confidence, motivation, social support systems, physical health, empowerment, sense of belonging, and general happiness.

People lacking a sense of self-love are more likely to experience anxiety, carelessness, sadness, shame, stagnancy, unhealthy coping, insecurity, defensiveness, and other challenges. 

Self-love is also a very individual process- so keep in mind things that work for others won’t necessarily work for you.

Next, we will be looking at common misconceptions and roadblocks to self-love.

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