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    Inspired by experienced, built from passion, and igniting change.

    SARA (sexual assault recovery assistant)

    Healing head, heart, and soul

    Someone is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. Yes, really. 68 seconds.


    SARA 501c3 supports those survivors by delivering mental health support and coping tools directly to their hands without asking them to identify themselves, report the crime, or pay a dime.


    Unlike other self-care apps, SARA is made for survivors by a survivor.

    We are run by volunteers and supported by your tax-deductible donations. 

    Sara Ku'uipo Mishina Kunz


    Sara has the courageous creativity of a painter, the practicality of a UI designer, spunk of a comedian, plus the endurance of a circus performer. In short- a creative entrepreneur like no other.


    She has nearly a decade of experience as a performing artist with award-winning stories and performances, an education in Arts and UX/UI design, and the personal experience and resilience of being a rape survivor.


    She stops at nothing to combine her superpowers to create solutions to end rape culture and break the silence on sexual violence with charm, charisma and a good dose of her signature sass.


    See her performances here, and her design portfolio here. Or read our blog to see how her experience as a rape survivor translates to her performances and this company.

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